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Website Designer, Business Coach, Photographer & Mum To 3 humans and a furball! 

Yes I know, it's crazy busy in my house but I am also very passionate about helping others to achieve business success!

I launched my first business back in 2012, it started off as an accident. I had a camera and my friends just starting tagging me in posts on Facebook to the point where I had built myself up a small side-gig. 

It didn't take me long to realise that if I wanted to make money from this side-gig then I really needed to learn a lot more about business, as taking pictures was just not going to be enough to get me through!

I spent hours learning about websites, SEO, marketing, branding. If it was business-related, I was learning it!

It took a while, but eventually, after a few hard years, I managed to go full-time with my photography business. 

Fast forward a few years and Covid hit, I could not rely on my wedding photography to pay the bills so I went back to the drawing board and realised that I already had an online business model ready to go!

I had been designing websites for my friends for a few years and doing all their SEO, so it was a no-brainer to take this side hustle to the next level!


Here I am now designing websites for amazing entrepreneurs, photographing some of the most awesome couples, and teaching business owners how to be successful!


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Beverley, Trauma Specialist

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“OMG!!! I reached out to Donna because I couldn't figure out how to link Kajabi to my recently purchased domain. I had spent hours trying on my own. In the middle of the night, because, of course, my days are filled trying to work a 9-5, study, and parent.

She did it in 30 minutes, tops. As a BUSY mother of 4 with a full-time job, work for uni, and a life coaching business...time is one my most valuable assets. Donna used her expertise to immediately get to work on MY problem, delivered a solution, and made me feel great in the process. Use her now. Thank yourself later.

She really does SLAY the technical S#!+”

Susan, Crafter


Without any hesitation, I highly recommend The Website Warrior to design and create your website online platform for your company. We are amazed at our design, the speed in which it took and the professional image Donna created from scratch to a fully functioning online commercial website for my company Medibuddies. Orders started coming in literally days after going live.

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Nikki, Art Therapist

I am so grateful for Donna’s support and help with my web page. I was banging my head on a brick wall and full of anxiety and frustration with my website. I highly recommend Donna and her super skills, very professional and fast. I look forward to working with you again in the future.