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What is The Dream Club?

The Dream Club is a 12-Step online coaching program giving you everything you need to build a successful online business.
From mindset to marketing, and business planning to sales.

Everything you need to get your business up and running will be covered.
Not only that, it is a community, a support network, and a resource centre for would-be female digital entrepreneurs.
Chanel helps ambitious, motivated women to start successful online businesses so that they can earn an income from anywhere in the world, quit their job and follow their dreams.


Before Chanel became a coach and digital nomad mum, she was living and working in the UK as a marketing coordinator. She spent the majority of her day either at work or travelling to and from and she found the whole thing stifling to her creativity. 

One summer she got made redundant and in the same month split with her long term partner. She was low and she realised something needed to change. 

She decided to sell everything and go travelling around the world with her daughter. Everyone thought she was nuts, she was a single mum with no savings and no real consistent income!

Over the following years, she made a lot of mistakes, getting things wrong in her business journey. She was scared of sales or actually having to speak to another human and sharing her story terrified her. 


After years of making mistakes and not really getting anywhere, she decided to invest in her own business coach and it was only then that all her pieces of her puzzle we connected and she really started to actually make money. Eventually, The Dream Club was launched and she has now helped hundreds of women launch their own awesome online businesses!



Donna is a Dream Club graduate and also helps Chanel coach the new dreamers coming through the dream club. 

When Chanel came into Donna's life she was at a point where she wanted to take her kids away and travel more. 
She already had a business as a wedding and portrait photographer which of course limited her to living in the UK.

Only one year after graduating The Dream Club she has an online business that is making her £3k+ each month AND she has her wedding income on top of that! 

Book in a call with Donna to chat to her about her journey through The Dream Club
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