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Photographers, you can now right-click protect your images if you are using WiX

As a photographer myself, having my own website on WiX and designing sites for lots of other photographers it's always been really annoying to me that we can not right-click protect our images.


Wix has introduced to us the Right Click Protect App, which is super easy for you to install and customise for your own website!

So let me walk you through how to do it...

First, you need to be within your editor go to the add apps section and search for the Right Click Protect App.

Once you find it, click install.

Once you have the app installed you will then need to customise your copyright message. To do this click the app in your editor, then go to the settings and edit the message that users will see when they right-click your images. So on mine, it says ©Donna Reid

Be mindful, that when you add the Right Click Protect App you will see it has added a small box somewhere on your site - make sure you move this to a place where it will not be in the way and that does not look weird in your design! Once you are happy with its placement on the desktop AND the mobile version (please do not forget to do that), you are ready to hit publish and go check out your newly protected images on your website!

It's worth remembering that this will not protect your images from people taking screenshots, but it does stop them from downloading your images. Hope you found this helpful, you can follow me on Pinterest for more help with your digital marketing <3


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